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We are the choice for reliable moving services in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Our dedicated team of professionals guarantees your move to be stress-free and efficient. Experience it for yourself.

What matters most to you, matters most to us

At Meek Movers, our main focus is customer contentment and assurance. Your peace of mind matters most to us.

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We Are More Effective To Making Different !!

With our exceptional logistical process and team of dedicated professionals, Meek Movers stands out as a provider of personalized moving services that cater to your family and individual requirements. Experience the exceptional difference firsthand, as we go above and beyond expectations to ensure your relocation is a seamless, stress-free experience.

Relocation Services for everyone

Meek Movers provides a wide range of relocation solutions for residential and commercial customers, ensuring a seamless transition to your new site. Our dependable team is committed to providing the finest packing, loading, and unloading services that meet your specific needs, regardless of the distance of your move.

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Local Moving

We provide seamless local relocation services in Lehigh Acres. Leave the packing, and truck loading, transportation, and unloading to our expert team to make your relocation experience hassle-free and efficient.

Residential Moving

Trust our dedicated team to pack, transport, and unpack your prized possessions safely. We understand that each item has sentimental value, and that's why our residential moving service is tailored to meet the unique needs of homeowners.

Long Distance Moving

Put your trust in us to handle your long-distance move with precision and care. Navigate the distance to your destination worry-free with our reliable and secure transportation of your belongings.

Commercial Moving

Our expertise in commercial moving means that we understand the complexities involved in relocating businesses. Our professionals work diligently to minimize downtime and make sure that the logistics are taken care of, allowing you to focus on your business operations.

Our Working Process



Initiate your relocation journey with Meek Movers by securing an exact and comprehensible estimate. Our meticulously trained squad will assess your relocation requirements and grant you a detailed estimate that guarantees a distinct comprehension of the expenses you’ll incur.



Our proficient moving professionals will work in close coordination with you to devise a bespoke plan that takes every indispensable aspect into account. From determining an optimum relocation date to managing logistics, we’ll proficiently arrange every element to facilitate an effortless and well-organized relocation.



Entrust the packing of your valuable possessions to our highly skillful professionals who will utilize high-grade materials and efficient packing techniques to safeguard each item during transit. We craftily handle the entire packing procedure with utmost care and precision, ensuring that your possessions remain secure and ready for their secure transit.



Once the details are confirmed, we’ll schedule your relocation in accordance with your preferred date and time. Our prompt and dependable team will arrive on time to execute the plan, ensuring an impeccable and unobtrusive transition to your new location as well as minimizing any disruption to your schedule.


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Whether you're moving acrosstown or cross country, let us help you make the most of your journey ahead.

Free price estimates from best local Lehigh Acres Movers

The idea of moving can be overwhelming, but the quest to locate a suitable moving company in Lehigh Acres FL is what really sets the nerves on edge. The choices are abundant and it’s vital that you conduct your due diligence so as to procure the services of a reputable firm that offers affordable rates. Fortunately, Meek Movers is one such enterprise capable of providing exceptional services for all your relocation needs.

Meek Movers prides itself in understanding that each move constitutes its own unique experience which demands customized solutions tailored to meet specific requirements. Their seasoned professionals come equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment designed to handle any type of move, whether local or cross-country.

When scouting for reasonably-priced movers within Lehigh Acres, look no further than Meek Movers – their prices are highly competitive without compromising on quality service delivery. As one among the highest-rated local and long-distance moving companies located in Lehigh Acres FL, they’re committed towards offering dependable storage and relocation solutions to esteemed clients like yourself! So why wait? Partner up with Meek Movers today and enjoy professional handling of your prized possessions every step along the way!

Top-rated Local and Long Distance Moving Company in Lehigh Acres, Florida

In Lehigh Acres, Florida, there exists a moving company that has gained notoriety for their exceptional customer service and unwavering reliability. Meek Movers is the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to both local and long distance moving companies. Their prowess in the industry is nothing short of astounding.

What sets them apart from other local movers, you ask? Well, let me tell you – it’s their packing services! Can you believe it? Not only do they offer top-notch moving services, but they also provide professional packing to ensure your precious belongings are safe and sound during transportation. And if that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, they even go as far as offering junk removal services before your move!

But wait…there’s more! Meek Movers also boasts an impressive fleet of well-maintained trucks equipped with all the necessary tools to make your move as seamless as possible. With their team of great movers at the helm, rest assured knowing that every item under their care will be handled with utmost caution.

Oh yes, I almost forgot…Meek Movers doesn’t just cater to Lehigh Acres residents; North Fort Myers and surrounding areas can tap into this mover extraordinaire too! They’re simply one-stop-shop for all types of moves – whether residential or commercial; locally or nationwide. All My Sons Moving & Storage of Fort Myers could certainly take notes from these guys!

In conclusion: Are you perplexed yet? Bursting with excitement about Meek Movers’ capabilities maybe? Well then don’t hesitate any longer – give them a call today and experience firsthand what makes them stand out among the rest!

Mover With Great Reviews in Lehigh Acres

When it comes to selecting the ideal moving company, it is essential to ensure that you are partnering with industry-leading professionals. Meek Movers, a top-rated local and long-distance moving company in Lehigh Acres, FL, serving Fort Myers and all of SW Florida, is your best bet. From your initial conversation with our team members, we guarantee exceptional customer service delivery that ensures an effortless relocation experience.

What distinguishes Meek Movers from other companies within the vicinity? Our commitment to transparency! We understand how infuriating hidden fees can be for customers; hence we provide free price estimates upfront – no surprises later on. Our adept team also works efficiently and promptly without delay or unexpected setbacks.

Moving bulky furniture may seem like an insurmountable task; however, our experienced movers have got you covered! They possess the requisite skills coupled with advanced equipment necessary to handle even the most challenging items. Regardless of whether you’re relocating across state lines or within Lehigh Acres itself, trust us at Meek Movers always to deliver safe and secure transportation services for your belongings. Count on us for reliable moving and storage solutions throughout SW Florida!

Book Moving Help Near Me in Lehigh Acres, FL

The enigmatic and unpredictable nature of moving day can leave you feeling perplexed. The quest to find the right team to handle your household goods is a daunting task, especially in Lehigh Acres, FL where an abundance of options are available. But fret not! Not all moving companies in Lehigh Acres offer the same level of services or quality as Meek Movers – one of the best movers around.

Our team at Meek Movers understands that every move necessitates a unique approach tailored to fit your needs and budget. With our reliable and efficient moving services, we work closely with you to create a customized plan that meets your specific requirements whether it’s relocating within Lehigh Acres or heading out to Cape Coral or Bonita Springs.

Countless families and businesses throughout Ave S have utilized our experienced movers who have ensured their belongings were transported safely and efficiently without any burstiness. Our range of services includes packing assistance, loading/unloading trucks, disassembly/reassembly of furniture items, transportation services – just name it! With us by your side during your next move in Lehigh Acres FL., rest assured knowing that stress won’t be part of the equation when it comes to handling your household goods because they’re in good hands with Meek Movers!

Reliable Moving And Storage Solutions from Meek Movers

Meek Movers, the professional moving service that has wrapped and moved countless customers’ belongings in Lehigh Acres, will leave you perplexed by their exceptional services. Their experienced movers ensure that all your items are handled with utmost care during the moving process. The burstiness of their skills is second to none, as they understand how important it is to keep your belongings safe and secure during transportation.

Their top-notch moving services are not the only solution they provide; Meek Movers also offers storage solutions for those who require them. Their storage facilities are nothing short of a marvel – being both secure and climate-controlled ensures that your belongings stay safe while being stored away. Whether you need temporary or long-term storage options, Meek Movers has got you covered.

Trust us when we say that this team of expert movers at Meek Movers will leave you stunned by their professionalism and care whilst handling every aspect of your move – from packing up your items to loading them onto the truck and transporting them safely to their new location. Contact Meek Movers if you want reliable moving and storage solutions for all of your needs!

How Much Do Movers in Lehigh Acres Cost?

The task of relocating can be an arduous feat, particularly when it comes to securing the most suitable movers in Lehigh Acres. The financial aspect of employing professional movers looms large in the minds of those who are contemplating a move. Nevertheless, selecting economical yet diligent movers such as Meek Movers can prove to be a stroke of good fortune.

Meek Movers proffers reasonable prices without compromising on quality service. Our squad of skilled and efficient professionals operates with alacrity, ensuring that your relocation is executed seamlessly within its scheduled timeline while causing minimal disruption to your daily routine. We comprehend that moving can engender immense strain; thus we strive tirelessly to provide our customers with an untroubled experience.

It’s imperative to bear in mind that not all companies offering mover services in Lehigh Acres offer the same level of proficiency or service when considering cost-effectiveness. At Meek Movers, we take pride in our impeccable reputation for providing first-rate local and long-distance moving services coupled with dependable storage solutions. With glowing commendations from clients across Florida who have been well-satisfied by our expert handling of their relocation needs, you can trust us implicitly for all your moving requirements.